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The LMS industry is growing significantly now that many institutions and organizations are investing more in online courses, taking advantage of its many benefits. And regardless of the segment, the ead platform can serve whoever is looking for a simple, easy-to-use and efficient tool to create and offer their online courses. From small, medium and large companies, the LMS system achieves the desired objectives very well.

Basically, The LMS Has Two Contexts:

Educational: used by educational institutions as a system to operationalize and manage their online courses for EAD or blended students. Courses are usually longer, lasting a few weeks or months.

Corporate: used by companies as a system to train their employees through online training, directly impacting the improvement of results. Courses are usually shorter and can be completed in a single session.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Features Of An LMS System:

Content Management

The distribution of materials is one of the main functionalities of the LMS system. Some platforms have the option of just inserting this content, others also offer the creation feature. The materials can be diverse: PDF, video, audio, animations, HTML pages, external links, SCORM package (e-learning content standard), etc.

Exercises And Tests

The system can also offer the functionality to measure the learning of its employees or students through tests, exercises or surveys.

Web Conferencing And Chat

Some ead platforms make it possible to interact between instructor and participants, whether through texts, videos or audios, in real time.


Another feature that allows for discussions between participants. Usually, it has a moderator to mediate the conversation without letting the subject be diverted.


One of the features that most engage and motivate students, as it works with the distribution of scores, achievements or badges as they progress through the stages of the online course.


Tool to monetize online courses, making it possible to sell them through the platform.

Reports And Dashboards

They are more analytical resources to monitor both student participation and to measure the effectiveness of online courses.

So, as you can see, the LMS system is nothing more than the ead platform on which you will create, manage and monitor your online courses. Now, just know how to analyze which features are really important in your case and choose your system.

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