OLS Management Profile

Joan Goloboy is Senior Consultant/Principal at Online Learning Solutions. She is an experienced distance education specialist, holding a Master of Arts in Educational Technology Leadership from The George Washington University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University. She founded Online Learning Solutions in order to help clients sift through the complex choices involved in implementing successful online learning programs.

As a consultant, she works with corporate, small business, academic and non-profit clients. She helps them effectively use new technologies to engage employees, customers or constituents.

She is also an award winning video and multimedia producer.

Currently, Goloboy is Director of the Digital Media Center in the School of Communication at Endicott College in Beverly, MA.

Goloboy has designed instruction and taught online for The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development. For the Walden Institute, a division of Walden University, she taught university faculty and corporate trainers HOW to move their courses from the “brick and mortar” classroom to the virtual classroom. She counseled entry level ITT-Tech students on how to learn in an online environment, and how to apply those lessons in today’s workplace. She also worked with the Apollo Group on their newest venture, called Axia College of the University of Phoenix.

In addition, Goloboy has been a television programming executive and award-winning video producer. She is a principal in Community Television Solutions, working with municipalities and PEG Access organizations to start up, re-build or simply energize their local channels.

Online Learning Solutions maintains a network of eLearning specialists and multimedia producers -- experts in assessment, implementation, and delivery of technology-assisted instruction.


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