Our Strategy

When you are about to invest in the bells and whistles, Online Learning Solutions
can help you formulate a winning e-Learning strategy, by:

  • Envisioning online training
  • Assessing instructional needs
  • Evaluating proposed content
  • Recommending technology solutions
  • Training your staff to effectively deliver distance education

Envisioning – For those new to launching computer mediated instruction, it’s hard to imagine learning at a distance,
outside of a classroom, sitting at your desk. Online Learning Solutions’ main goal is to bring the “human touch” to technology
– to convince, demonstrate, and model the best practices of online instruction. Without a doubt, a key feature is
teacher/trainer – student interaction. Let Online Learning Solutions assess your real needs – both present and future –
and set you on the right course in thinking about, investing in distance learning technology.

Assessing – With so many learning platform providers competing for a limited number of training dollars, it’s important
for businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions to truly consider needs, learners and goals,
when choosing a method of technology-assisted instruction. Flashy design and long lists of features don’t necessarily
translate into solid, goal-driven, learner-friendly, effective learning. Let Online Learning Solutions help you identify your
goals, evaluate your students’ readiness, and hone in on the best options.

Evaluating – Online Learning Solutions can help you make your instructional materials “online learning-friendly”.
Online instruction is not simply posting your print materials online. Among other considerations, online learning
requires thoughtful preparation with respect to length and breadth of content for each lesson; effective hyperlinking to
support materials which enhance and maximize learning opportunities; optimum navigation and design features for
both instructor and learner.

Recommending – Online Learning Solutions experts help you understand the options in marketplace, and can help
you make sensible, cost-effective decisions.

Training – Online Learning Solutions will help you make sure that senior leaders, managers, and frontline employees in
your organization are prepared for eLearning, and will work with your staff to make your investment in eLearning pay off!

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